Infants, Kids and Teens

Young people want to experience everything the world has to offer, and as a parent you want to make sure they are properly protected. You cannot always prevent your children from exposure to bad weather, nor can you always ensure that they will eat as regularly and completely as they should. A difficult environment and  inadequate nutrition impacts their health, and the most visible symptoms of this are frequent infections like flu, as well as general moodiness and tiredness.

Nutrition Is Key!
Good nutrition protects your child at all stages of their development. Just taking vitamins does not make up for an unhealthy diet, and vitamins are an insufficient substitute for nutrients derived from fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but a general rule multivitamin and mineral products can be a good safeguard.

Specifically Designed For Children
Our VITRUM® and MULTIMAX® product lines have been specifically designed just for young people, to satisfy their increased demand for vitamins and minerals during their most condensed period of growth. Recent studies have shown clearly the negative effects of ignoring the special nutritional needs of childhood and adolescence.

Before their First Steps!
VITRUM® PRENATAL and VITRUM® PRENATAL FORTE are the products you trust for the health of your child during that delicate time before, during and after pregnancy. It is important to make sure you are getting the necessary nutrients all the way through the process of breast-feeding your child.

As Your Child Grows
We provide you with a choice among a broad spectrum of VITRUM® products spanning all the way to your child’s late teens. Products such as VITRUM® JUNIOR and VITRUM® KIDS and VITRUM® TEENAGER are there to bolster your child’s natural defenses and bolster their daily intake of nutrients. 

Your Top Priority
Being a mother means wanting the best for your child. It means doing all you can to give the tools to help protect them in what is often a harsh environment. We understand that and appreciate the trust you have put in us to help you provide your child with the proper nutrition they need.