Social Responsibility

Our company has a history of helping the less fortunate. Indeed Unipharm, Inc. prides itself on the role we play in communities around the world.
To this end we have been donating to Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) since 2003.

The following are just some examples of the people who have directly benefited from our donations of Unipharm goods:

Large shipments of Unipharm products were sent to Haiti in 2010 after the devastating earthquake there that year. We joined the international effort to help a nation in crisis.

El Salvador
Our products have been distributed to the poor in rural El Salvador through a group called Peacehealth. Overwhelming numbers of persons in El Salvador live in unemployment and poverty, particularly those living in rural areas. These people have little or no access to any health services.

AIDS patients in Swaziland have had our products delivered to their homes through the Good Shepherd healthcare program there. This organization does so much with so little, and we are pleased to have contributed to their wonderful efforts.

The Schick Clinic in Managua, serving one of the poorest communities in Nicaragua, distributed Unipharm, Inc. goods to those in need. Every morning this clinic has hundreds of people lining up outside its door before it opens, people who rely on this clinic as their only healthcare provider.

In the Philippines, Missionaries of the Poor have received Unipharm, Inc. product donations. These donations have been used to help families living in the dump sites in Manila, as well as poor families around Naga City and the surrounding areas.

We will continue to work with charities to alleviate suffering in any way we can.