Seasonal Illnesses

It’s that time of year, seasonal illnesses abound and nobody likes to be sick! Sometimes it seems like there is nothing we can do to avoid contracting some troublesome bug. We know that getting sick means your kids may miss school and you may miss work, both of which are things we all want to avoid!

Unipharm products such as Grippex® can be an important part of your search for relief from the symptoms of seasonal illnesses, but here are some other things which you should keep in mind:

Eating Right
Give your body the fuel it needs to maintain your health. A diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will help you in your search to fight the viruses you come in contact with daily. Always make sure you have plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet, particularly leafy green vegetables! Our bodies are an engine that only runs as good as the fuel we put into it. Remember that at the supermarket!

Don’t Forget Your Vitamins
We know that many of you, often because of busy lives, or lack of fresh produce, do not get the recommended daily allowance of the many vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to perform at its best. Adults and children alike should take a daily multivitamin all year long. Products from the VITRUM® family of products fulfill this need and cater to every age group’s specific needs.

Get Your Rest
Sleep is key to a healthy body. If you make sure your body gets the daily rest it needs then your body’s resistance to seasonal illnesses can be strengthened. Without enough sleep your body’s defenses are lowered, leaving you less healthy and less able to resist those troublesome bugs that seem to be everywhere at certain times of year.

Cleanliness Is Close to …
It sounds basic … but wash your hands, frequently! This is definitely a great way to help avoid catching a nasty bug. Use plenty of soap and warm water, do not skimp on scrubbing! In a public restroom, use paper towels to dry your hands thoroughly, to turn off the faucet, and to open the bathroom door. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.

Vaccines – A Good Step
A flu vaccine is often advised as an important step towards avoiding the nastier bugs out there that are passed around during the flu season. Consult your doctor and ask about the benefits of a flu shot, and make sure all aspects of such medication are explained to you.

Remember the Basics!
Try to avoid contact with sick people, and if you are sick yourself … stay at home so you don’t get everyone else sick. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, this is how germs often spread. Often we do this unconsciously out of habit, but we should try not to.

Healthy Bacteria Do Exist!
Increase probiotic foods in your daily diet. Yogurt, cranberries and certain soy products contain healthful probiotics. Probiotics are believed to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your body, which can protect your body when it is under attack from seasonal illnesses.