Product QualityProduct Quality

Quality of products is The Unipharm Group’s focus at all times. Unipharm Inc. is an FDA registered company in the USA. A combination of qualified personnel, validated modern technologies and processes, and high quality product make the Group a valuable partner in the International market.

Raw MaterialsRaw Materials

The raw materials for our goods come from established vendors who are certified and follow GMP protocols. Furthermore all incoming raw materials are tested upon receipt prior to release for use in the manufacturing process.

The Manufacturing ProcessThe Manufacturing Process

All manufacturing takes place in the United States and in the European Union at well-established facilities that follow GMP guidelines. In addition, our products are manufactured and packaged according to regulations mandated by every country we sell in.

Testing PerformedTesting Performed

Once manufacture is complete, microbiological testing takes place to make sure that no harmful bacteria are present. Physical and quantitative analysis is additionally performed on the finished product to assure the presence of the active ingredients in the correct amounts and further to ensure the quality of our goods generally. Additionally, in the countries we sell in, the Ministry of Health, the Drug Institutes, or other locally designated authorities require, and we submit to, further testing (quantitative analysis and microbiological tests) on the finished products.


Finally, our tablets and capsules are shipped in adherence to GDP rules in such a way as to ensure the quality of the various products for our customers.

Our Promise To YouOur Promise To You

We know you rely on us for the market-leading products that you and your family need. We appreciate your trust and will continue to provide you with the quality goods you have come to expect from us.